Potluck Luck

Cookies, cakes, cocktails, cheese, snacks and hors d'oeuvres.

Temptation lurks around every corner and at every turn during the holidays. Though it may be tough to stay on track, it is certainly possible and do-able. 

As far as I’m concerned, the most challenging part of the holidays when you have specific health and nutrition concerns is all those potlucks, buffets and parties. 

I find one of the best ways to avoid eating all of those possibly inflammatory foods is to bring my own options along with me. Whether a cocktail party or a big family potluck, I bring dishes that fit my own personal lifestyle so that I know there will be something there I can eat. It also helps to encourage nutrition among fellow party-goers and can be really helpful for other guests who are in similar situations to your own.

If the invitation is to a business function or a more formal event where bringing along food would be considered impolite, then stick to the simpler, more whole food-based options and indulge in one or two dishes that you REALLY feel will be worth the splurge.

For a casual family get-together or a house party, the host or hostess will probably appreciate your contribution.

Here are my Top 20 (or so) easy and delicious ideas that I know will be enjoyed by all to bring to a potluck or cocktail party.

  1. Fruit and/or vegetable tray with dip
  2. Home-made shrimp ring
  3. Charcuterie platter (fancy way of saying meat and cheese with condiments)
  4. Deviled eggs
  5. Bacon-wrapped dates
  6. Bacon-wrapped scallops
  7. Bacon-wrapped anything!
  8. Salad or vegetable skewers
  9. Chicken wings
  10. Chicken satay skewers
  11. Roasted chickpeas
  12. Hummus
  13. Guacamole and/or salsa
  14. Stuffed mushroom caps or stuffed mini peppers or baby tomatoes
  15. Smoked salmon tray
  16. Home-made roasted nut mix or my No-Grain-Ola
  17. Mini meatballs
  18. Crust-less quiche
  19. Vegetable casserole (like my cauliflower and broccoli no-gratin)
  20. Butternut or pumpkin soup shots
  21. Turkey. Roast beef or ham rollups
  22. Mini meatzas
  23. Nut butter cookies

What are you favourite not-too-terrible options to take to, or eat at holiday potlucks, cocktail parties and buffets?

Michal OferComment