1-2-3 Awesome

The need to boost vitality and feel awesome is important for everyone, not just those afflicted with illnesses. Without properly managing the lifestyle components essential to promoting vitality, even the healthiest of us can lapse into being one of those surviving, not thriving, existing, not living – those who live life with day to day chronic conditions.

These fundamental elements will create a powerful foundation to thrive and continue to feel awesome!

1.       Create and Build an Exceptional Nutritional Foundation

Fuel your energy system by getting proper nutrition by eating plenty of whole, real foods, limiting your consumption of sugar and processed products and drinking plenty of water.

The average person eats 150 lbs of sugar per year – that’s approximately 18% of calories. Another 18% of our calories come from white flour. These two factors alone result in a loss of approximately one-third of our vitamins and minerals. Cut back on sugar (except for chocolate) and get outstanding overall nutritional support and guidance and discover the true power of food as your medicine.

Besides needing optimal levels of vitamins, minerals, protein and energy co-factors we also need to drink lots of good quality water. As a society, we walk around chronically dehydrated. This condition is so widespread it has become our ‘normal’. Simply pay attention to your mouth and lips. If they are dry, you are dehydrated and need more water.

2.       Improve Quality of Restful Sleep

Get adequate rest so your body has time to heal, repair, restore and recharge its batteries.

A hundred years ago, the average person slept 9 hours a night. This has now slowly degenerated to a meagre 6 ½ hours. This is inadequate for tissue repair. Lack of sleep also contributes to chronic illness, inflammatory conditions, chronic pain, weight gain, immune suppression, premature aging and fatigue. Although there are many natural aids that can help if you have insomnia, you should start by at least making the time to attempt a minimum of 8 hours of good solid sleep each night. For natural sleep support, if needed, melatonin, calcium and magnesium can be added.

3.       Manage Excess Stress

When stressful situations arise, be authentic with your feelings. Letting go of blame and keeping your attention on what feels good will help you stay present, balanced and energized.

The survival instinct of ‘fight or flight’ is sparked when we face a potentially stressful or threatening situation. Similarly, when a person becomes angry, adrenaline kicks in to fuel the body’s automatic defense system. Fight or flight triggers the activation of the adrenal glands, which in turn secrete several important hormones that help maintain the balance of multiple body functions. Chronic stress can cause adrenal exhaustion.

Learning to feel your feelings fully no matter what has occurred, and then let go of them when it no longer feels good to feel them, will allow you to quickly shift your attention back to things that feel good so you can easily let go of stressful thoughts and move forward with your life. Moving your body and regular exercise will not only keep you physically healthy, but is more effective than any medication in fighting depression.

With the foundation solid, you are able to build the strong, productive, awesome life of your choice!