Healthy Holiday Beauty

We’re right in the midst of holiday season which can present challenges with sticking with our healthy intentions.  

In this Bonus “Raw and Uncut” Episode, Beth and Michal are joined by a fellow Wellness Warrior and Healthy Beauty Expert, Angelique Trigueros to talk about all things healthy holidays.  

We have a little fun and chat about…

  • How what we put ON our body plays a critical role in our health (just like what we put IN our body)

  • Options for safer beauty products that actually work and how to find them

  • Your special invitation to an online Healthy Holiday Beauty event!

  • Our favorite ideas for healthy holiday gifts

Tune in to hear our expert health coach advice to help you feel confident – and beautiful - this holiday season (and beyond)!

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Mentioned in this episode:

MyHealthyTransitions Health Coaching Healthy Holiday Beauty Event

We’re all about putting healthy food into our bodies, but we often don’t think about what we’re putting ON our bodies and what that can do to impact our health.  Join us for this educational online event to learn more about the impact chemicals play to our health (you might be surprised) and explore some better choices to keep you looking beautiful – and healthy – during the holiday season and beyond!

We’ve teamed up with my good friend and healthy beauty diva, Angelique Trigueros to bring you this fun event!  Please join us and invite a friend (or two). No purchase is necessary to participate. ☺

Join the online event!


Clean. Safe. We usually don't think about this in regard to our personal care products. Most of us don't consider this when looking for skin care and make up - we are only looking for what works! Beautycounter is better beauty. Voluntarily counter to industry standards, advocating to remove toxic chemicals that are allowed in thousands of products that are used daily, Beautycounter is the leader for change. No compromise on health or performance. Beauty should be good to you. To get your own gorgeous skin and beauty goodies, visit and when prompted at check out, select Beth's Healthy Holiday Beauty Event!

We are so excited to share this with you and spread our mission: educating and getting healthy products into the hands of everyone!

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