Food Freedom Friday Edition 161 - EMF

Do you love your cellphone? I sure love mine!

I am not here to tell you that your iPhone is evil and you must ditch it. No, not at all. These phones are rather fantastic and allow us to do, be, create, and share amazingness. That being said, they also have the potential to contribute to the degeneration of our health.

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) are emitted by our electronic devices such as cell phones and WiFi routers.  EMF has been classified by the World Health Organization as a potential carcinogen.  The investigation continues...

Don't expect the trillion-dollar cell phone industry to come out and tell you all this.  They are doing their best to hide this information. There is a legal section in your phone settings to legally protect themselves.

The radiation of phones is often considered one of the biggest hazards. Think of it this way..

A cell phone is a two-way microwave radio. In order for it to receive information, it must send signals to the tower for the tower to send signals back to it. Whenever you are moving (e.g. in cars or on bikes) while you are on your phone, the phone operates at full power to maintain connection with one cell tower after another. That means continuous, maximum microwave radiation. On top of that, you have constant microwave radiation plumes generated by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth two-way transmissions as well as notifications and updates of numerous smartphone apps. The mobile industry euphemizes this radiation as ‘radiofrequency energy,’ because marketing cellphones as two-way microwave radios used next to the brain would not make them very popular."

Did you know that Wi-Fi is now banned in daycares in France? It's quite scary that other countries are banning this technology to protect their children while others are installing this potentially life-threatening technology everywhere.

It's hard to imagine life without our cell phones and wireless internet but here are a few things that you can do to protect yourself.

1.     Turn off your Wi-Fi before you go to sleep. We are exposed to Wi-Fi signals on a daily basis, from coffee shops, malls, our own homes. If it is not urgent, your Wi-Fi should be turned off before bed.  

2.     Turn off your cell phone at night (or at least put it into airplane mode as much as possible). This terminates all signals coming and going from your cell phone and allows you to be protected while you sleep. This action step is extremely important as the vast majority of cellphone owners keep their phone near their bed in case of an emergency call or to use the alarm clock feature.

3.     Try not to carry your phone on your body, especially near your reproductive organs.  Carry it in a loose jacket or in your purse. 

4.     Charge your cell phones in a different room or away from your bed.

5.     Switch out your cordless phones for its predecessor. While this may not be the most convenient step, sticking to a landline phone will help limit your EMF exposure.

6.     Use a wired headset for any cell phone conversations. This is an extremely cheap fix with a huge return on your investment.  You can also use speaker phone as much as possible.  

7.     Unplug all electronics near your bed before going to sleep. If you require a bedside light source, I recommend a Himalayan salt lamp which is a far more natural light to get you ready for bed.

8.     Move your furniture away from the wall. Even the wiring in your wall emits EMF and this can be dissipated by simply moving your furniture 3-6 inches from the wall. If you are building a new wall (new project or renovation), putting all your wires in piping can permanently block EMF from being created.

9.     Practice awareness. Be aware of how much you are using your cell phone, how close you’re sitting to the router, and how much time you spend surrounded by EMF.

10.  Avoid having your laptop on your lap.  Place it on your desk or have a pillow on your lap.  The further away from the source you are the better. 

11.  Never let your kids talk on the cell phone with the phone against their head.  Use the speaker phone.  If your child is playing games on your phone, put it in airplane mode. 

12.  Avoid streaming content, especially for your children. Your kids are going to reach your phones, likely with the same frequency you do (or would like to). Again, we don't need to eliminate but we do need to reduce the harm. In addition to limiting overall time, whenever your child is using your phone, switch it to airplane mode. This means letting videos fully buffer or download, then switching it to airplane mode and handing it over to let them watch. These keeps the phone from sending and receiving the signal. 

13.  Just as it's ideal to have a shut off time, set yourself a turn on time too. It can be very easy to turn your phone on first thing when you wake up in the morning. Give yourself a breather: some time to welcome in the day, take some deep breaths, maybe some exercise, or perhaps just a little meditation time. Maybe you can focus on the people in your home rather than all the ones on the other side of those walls. Reading all those work emails before you get to work does not make you more productive. There is huge benefit to starting your day with positive messages, positive intentions and calmness. The morning news very rarely welcomes that in.

14.  Get a radiation protective case. Not all cases are created equal. At all. I am not sure why a phone case seems to be such an important personal branding thing, but the case matters for more than how it will look in your mirror selfies. If you start to search around on the topic of metal cases, you'll see commentary about how it reduces the cell phone signal, making your phone weaker. That's an inconvenience sure, but it's more than that. In addition to weakening the signal, it also increases the levels of radiation according to the Environmental Working Group. Do your research and get a case that protects both you and your phone.


When it comes to all things in moderation, I can sometimes be a stickler, but I also believe that a little of something is a good thing and too much becomes bad. Kind of like a little indulgence here and there, right? With these tips for healthier cell phone use in mind, stay consistent. What feels awkward or cumbersome or a nuisance at first will very soon become your normal, a new habit, kind of like checking email when we first got email. Or Facebook when that happened.

Michal Ofer