Food Freedom Friday Edition 79 - The Fat Bomb

A wonderful indulgence (and sometimes considered a dietary necessity) for those following very low carbohydrate protocols is the beloved Fat Bomb. For these people it is often the bright light in their day. It forms part of that moment when they can enjoy a rich, delicious, creamy treat that is so decadent that it is hard to believe that it is not only allowed but, in some circles actually encouraged on their plan. Imagine that!  

Fat bombs can absolutely be a great tool for satisfying cravings and topping up your fat intake for the day but are they really that good for you and can you really have (as some people might imply) as many as your heart desires? For most people the answer is probably not but, as I i have discussed on multiple occasions, it depends on you, your bio individuality, how you react to fat bombs, and the results you are either experiencing or the ones that seem to be eluding you.  

Here are a few things to consider:  

1. Check Your Ingredients  

Some fat bomb recipes out there are great but there are a few that use butter as a main ingredient. If you are sensitive to dairy you may get away with the little bit of casein (milk protein) in the butter but watch out for any digestive symptoms in the hours after you consume your treat. If you get bloated, tired or run to the washroom there is a chance that butter is the problem. I would recommend replacing the dairy with cacao butter or coconut butter and see how you do next time. Bear in mind that cacao butter takes a lot more heat to melt and is quite solid at room temperature. Mixing it with some coconut oil may help with the texture. 

2. Fat Digestion

People who have trouble digesting fat obviously may experience some concerns when consuming fat bombs. If this is you, the ketogenic diet may not be the right answer for you at this time OR you will need to use digestive enzymes and ox bile supplements to help your body properly breakdown fat. Be open to all possibilities. 

3. How You React – Emotionally

For some people one fat bomb is all they need to feel satiated and happy. Paradoxically, for others, one fat bomb can blow open the door (pun intended ll) to relentless cravings that do not let up until every bomb is gone...if this is you then know stopping at just one is a challenge for you, these are not your answer. Fat bombs are still a sweet treat and for some people it is best to just not go there. Know thyself. Respect thyself. it is not worth beating yourself up, setting yourself up for failure or sabotaging all your other wellness efforts.   

4. Body Composition

You are not seeing the body composition changes you are looking for or your progress has stalled. Just because your diet is a ketogenic or a low carbohydrate protocol does not absolve you from the basic laws of physics that state that if your intake is consistently too high your body will store the excess for later. Yes, I am actually referring to excess calories. No. I do not subscribe to counting calories as a rule and I do not believe them to be the cornerstone to weight and fat loss but this does not mean that they do not count at all. It might be wise, and a good idea if you do find yourself hitting a wall when it comes to your body composition goals, that you log your intake for a few days. Use a free app, my favorite being which has, by far, the largest food database of any food tracking app available (free or not) it's free and has a monstrous database). This will give you the best indication of where you are at in terms of total intake, make sure that your carbs really are as low as you think they are and that those fat bombs are not sending your caloric intake into the stratosphere. 

5. Be Mindful and Enjoy

The thing that I find is important when eating these types of delicious energy dense foods is to slow down and be mindful. Resist the temptation to pop your latest fat bomb creation in your mouth as you are running through the kitchen or out the door. Instead - stop. Sit down. Take a breath. Savor the moment. Pick your method. Nibble on it or place it in your mouth and let it melt slowly. Savor the taste, the texture. Enjoy it. Otherwise you will eat it so quickly that it will be gone in a flash leaving you wondering if it ever happened and needing another and another. If you are wondering if consuming these delicious morsels is wise, or is effective for you, follow these suggestions to assess how best to use the Fat Bomb in your routine. They are a wonderful treat and can be quite nourishing if used with caution, their composition respected and their flavor and place in your diet thoroughly enjoyed! 

Making your own fat bombs is as easy as 1-2-3

How to make a Fat Bomb

Ketogenic fat bombs are actually remarkable easy to make – and if you follow the guide below, you can start making these amazing treats in no time. 

There are 3 basic ingredients to every fat bomb recipe: 

Healthy Fats

For Example: cacao butter, coconut butter, almond butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut cream (solid part of a refrigerated can of coconut milk), ghee (mostly lactose and casein free, especially if you get cultured ghee, so it doesn’t present the same problems as other dairy products), butter (see my comments on ingredients), bacon fat, avocado oil


For Example: sugar-free vanilla extract, 100% dark chocolate, cacao powder, salt, peppermint extract, spices


For Example: cacao nibs, almonds, pecans, walnuts, chia seeds, bacon bits (choose sugar-free), shredded coconut

And here are the 3 simple steps for making keto fat bombs: 

Step 1

Mix all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl or sometimes a food processor or blender. If the fat you are using (e.g., coconut oil) is solid, then melt it slightly in the microwave or on the stove. 

Step 2

Form small balls or else pour the mixture into muffin cups or into a baking pan. 

Step 3

Refrigerate (or freeze) for several hours until the mixture is solid. Cut into slices if you used a baking pan.

Michal Ofer