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Hi, my name is Michal.

I am a wellness consultant and digestive health expert - but really, I am a woman on a mission to support, teach, mentor and ultimately empower other smart, soulful women to release the food fight and the body bashing.

In doing so, they have more energy for creating a life that they love, they learn how to listen to their bodies, feel amazing and make a difference in the process.


I am truly blessed and grateful to have this opportunity.

I feel free in my relationship with food. I eat intuitively and understand what will leave me feeling my best (or not so much). It comes down to a combination of fuel, flavour and fun. I love how food nourishes me, brings pleasure to my life, and allows me to connect with people.

I feel confident in my body. I appreciate how my unique body moves, digests, and keeps me alive. I love the look of my body, including the all the scars, marks, dimples and imperfections. I move my body because it feels good, not because I ‘must,’ ‘should,’ or I did something wrong.

I love my life. I have energy for the things that matter to me, like self-care, nurturing relationships, and sharing my gifts and passions with the world.

Sadly, this was not always the case.

For many years I had an unhealthy and unhappy relationship with food, my body, and my life (it was probably my best and longest hidden secret). I would read every diet or food book I could get my hands on and eat in a very rigid way. I treated my body poorly and abused it in pursuit of the ‘perfect’ body and strive to be the woman everyone (media and society included) felt I should be. I was a chronic over-achiever, a people pleaser, a self-saboteur and the queen of everything-or-nothing. I never felt good enough and I was never, ever satisfied, exactly as I was.

This was exhausting and kept me tired, sick and feeling stuck.

A huge life event left me at the hands of the Western medical system whose only solution for me was a handful of pills and the idea that this was my lot in life, what I would have to live with forever. This was not good enough for me and I knew things had to change, right then, right away. I began researching and studying, learning about the science of food and nutrition, learning how to critically think about whether or not to believe bits of information presented in the media, on popular bookshelves, or in research itself. Learning how food affected me on all levels, in all ways and always. I learned how to trust me body, trust myself and ultimately heal.

Now I find myself in the fortunate position of helping others do the same.

I have supported countless individuals transform their lives through finding freedom in their relationship with food and listening to and loving their bodies. I’ve spent hours upon hours studying nutrition, mindfulness, intuitive eating, behaviour change, positive psychology, business, communications, and leadership; and the best part is that the more I learn, the more I find to learn. When I am not studying, I am practicing my own learnings and teachings.

If you’ve made it this far – thank you. If my words resonate with you, I invite you to connect with me and let’s talk a little more about you and how we, together, can create your ideal wellness. You are also invited to connect with me on Facebook for added support and inspiration.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Please bear in mind:

Diet and nutrition covers a vast array of topics.  Is there an area of nutrition that interests you and or something you would like to explore further or require more information about?  Consider an education session on one of these topics below.  This is not an exclusive or an exhaustive list.  You could use your 20 minute complimentary discovery consultation to explore a topic or issue that’s on your mind.

- The importance of gut health and what exactly is ‘leaky gut’
- Healing leaky gut syndrome (intestinal permeability)
- Food intolerance/sensitivity testing (elimination diet program)
- Performance nutrition
- Women’s health (pre/post natal, menopause)
- Family nutrition (kids, teens)
- Weight management
- Disease management (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease)
- Managing autoimmune disorders with nutrition and lifestyle modifications




Training and Education

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City, NY, USA | Professional Training and Certification Program

Certified Coaches Federation | Life Coach Certification Program

Institute for Functional Medicine | Reversing the Epidemic of Chronic Disease Certification; Introduction to Functional Nutrition: Clinical Solutions for Addressing the Underlying Causes of Disease - Continued Education Lectures and Courses

University of Stanford | Gut microbiome certification; Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

21 Day Sugar Detox, New Jersey, NJ, USA | Certified coach and program moderator

University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa | Bachelor of Science with Honours (Life Sciences - Optometry) – Graduated with Distinction

Consistently attend various conferences, courses, workshops and seminars pertaining to holistic nutrition, whole foods and functional medicine.


BETTER - A Medical Centre For Complete Living | Calgary, AB |Resident Nutrition Consultant; Patient, Private and Group Coaching & Consulting

Workshop Presenter | Calgary, AB | Corporate and Company Workshop and Education Seminar presenter, Corporate and Company Wellness Advisor

Group and Individual Lifestyle and Wellness Coach

Metabolic Dietary Solutions | Founder, facilitator and content creator

Achieve True Health | Calgary, AB | Partner, Content Creator, Program Advisor

Yoga Passage, Calgary, AB | Resident Wellness Coach; Private Coaching and Consulting


Along with private and group consulting, Michal is also a sought after speaker, online summit and podcast feature guest.


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